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Our Green Journey...

Our Green Journey!


Our journey to more sustainable stays has begun. We are members of the Fifty Shades Greener Hospitality programme which will develop the hotel to engage on an environmental level and introduce social sustainability. Going forward we will aspire to measure, manage and reduce our electricity, water and waste consumption.

At the Carrigaline Court hotel, we care deeply about the environment, where we are located is along the Wild Atlantic Way. Protecting the environment is extremely important to us and we want to become more environmentally aware.

We as a Team have decided to embark on this journey and we look forward to seeing the changes that we make to become more sustainable.  Over the next couple of months we will document our Green Journey, and we will keep you updated on everything we implement, all changes we make and our progress with the programme.

Some of our Key Changes

  • We segregate waste and aim to recycle or compost as much of our waste as possible.
  • All lights in our bedrooms are operated by keycards.
  • We have installed sensors in the staff corridors to reduce lighting and electricity.
  • We have begun removing the single use toiletries from our bedrooms and replaced the majority of rooms with refillable dispensers.
  • Our purchasing team are committed to making sustainable purchases and using local suppliers as much as possible.
  • We are working alongside our suppliers in reducing the amount of cardboard used.
  • We are apart of REPAK Ireland.
  • We have removed the use of plastic straws in our bar and restaurant.
  • We have begun phasing out single use sauces in our bar and restaurant.
  • Water in our meeting rooms is bottled in glass and not plastic. These bottles are also reusable.
  • Our aim is to move to a paperless office, which we have begun to implement this process at reception. Paper use is continuously being monitored.

Help Us During Your Stay

You can assist us on the journey and reduce, reuse and recycle during your stay with us.

  • Save Water by not running taps/showers unnecessarily
  • Put towels in the shower that need replacing
  • Hang towels you wish to reuse on the bedroom rail

If you have any ideas to make your stay more sustainable please relay your feedback to reception on checkout.

Our Green Team

Our Green team is made up of dedicated personnel from various departments who meet on a monthly basis to discuss our progress and where we can improve next.