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Spring Wedding Myths BUSTED!

Spring is definitely the season that people most associate with weddings! Blooming flowers, refreshing cocktails and longer days all make for an amazing backdrop. However, the spring wedding “dos and don’ts” can often make you feel some pressure to stick to the same old themes and colours. We’re here to assure you that the kind of wedding you should have is the one you want to have! Break the rules and do your Spring wedding your way, it’s your day after all.


Myth #1: Daytime Weddings Are A Must

Dreaming of an evening affair? Don’t let the season stop you. You don’t need to get married at noon if you don’t feel like getting married at noon. We’re not sure where this one came from ourselves. Perhaps it’s all about Daylight Savings Time, and the fact that it’s daylight all the time in spring. We don’t know, so we can’t say for certain. However, we can tell you that it’s perfectly acceptable for you to get married in the dark if you don’t want a daytime wedding. With the longer evenings, Spring can be the perfect time of year to have a sunset wedding later in the day!

Myth #2: You HAVE to use Pastel Colours

Wrong! Spring is traditionally the time of year when everyone uses bright pinks, yellows and blues. Don’t feel that you can’t use other colours, it’s your wedding day! Be different, be as bright or is warm as you want. It’s important that your day suits you and your own personality. Going against the grain with an unexpected colour palette will make your day more unique and memorable, and your guests are sure to be wowed!

Myth #3: You Need to Have Flowers Everywhere

Spring is the season most associated with flowers, as a huge variety are coming into season and blooming making them easily accessible. Many couples opt for a Spring wedding for this exact reason, as it adds a colourful backdrop to all photos. But if flowers aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There are so many other creative ways to decorate your reception venue without having to have the place looking like a floral bonanza. You could incorporate a nod to the changing season by including petals as part of your table centerpiece. In our hotel, we can provide cherry blossoms for you to decorate the venue which can allow for a floral ambiance without it being overwhelming.

Myth #4:  Informal Dress Code

Everyone knows that once the temperature starts to climb, it calls for a different approach with your choice of attire. However, don’t feel pressured to ditch the traditional style wedding dress or tuxedo just because that’s what everyone else seems to do! No matter what time of year your wedding is, the most important factor in choosing the dress or suit you are going to walk down the aisle in is your own comfort. Choose whatever you are most comfortable in, you need to have a big smile on your face for those photos!


Spring weddings are a wonderful way to celebrate your big day. Break the rules, bust the myths, plan the spring wedding of your dreams, and do it whatever way you want. It’s your day, your wedding, your memories. Make them good for you and let everyone else do the same on their own big day. If you are planning a Spring wedding, why not contact our wedding coordinator Sinead ( and discuss your plans. We would be delighted to help you realise your vision! You can also view our wedding packages here.