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The Titanic Experience Cobh is located in Casement Square in the heart of Cobh Town, which is just a short trip away from the Carrigaline Court Hotel. The Titanic visitor centre is home to the original White Star Line Ticket Office, a building steeped in history dating back to the early 19th century and the departure point for many thousands of White Star Line passengers.

The visitor experience is presented in two parts. The first is an exciting immersive audio visual tour retracing the steps of the 123 passengers who boarded Titanic from Queenstown on April 11th 1912. With Officer Boxall as your virtual guide, innovative audio visual technology, and the replica interior ship set, experience the anticipation of the long journey ahead and the new life waiting for Queenstown’s passengers in America. Share the excitement of boarding the most luxurious liner of her time and feel the horror of the tragedy on that fateful night.

The second part of Titanic Experience examines how it all went wrong; the unbelievable and “almost” impossible sequence of events that occurred to cause Titanic to sink. With computer-generated graphics recreating the collision and subsequent sinking, film analysis of the Titanic on the sea bed and expert interviews these interactive exhibits allow visitors to find out how and why the Titanic sank on that fateful night of the 15th April 1912.


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Titanic Experience Q&As

How long is the Titanic Experience Cobh?

Please allow 1 hour to complete your Titanic Experience as follows: There is a 30 minute guided tour, which explores the journey on board the Titanic from the time it arrived in Cobh to the tragic sinking just 3 days later

When did the Titanic leave Cobh?

On April 11, 1912, the Titanic departed Cobh, formerly known as Queenstown, in Co. Cork, and set sail for New York

How many people boarded the Titanic in Cobh?

79 passengers who boarded the Titanic in Cobh on 11th April 1912 and who perished in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic

How many people died on the Titanic?

Over 1,500 people died in the maritime disaster, while 705 individuals survived

How far is Cobh from the Carrigaline Court Hotel?

The distance between the Carrigaline Court Hotel and Fota Wildlife Park is 12.6km, which includes a short ferry!