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The top reasons to get married in Cork Ireland

A lot of couples are wondering if they should have a wedding at home or abroad. What are the ups of getting married in Ireland and specifically Cork?
Weddings are a very personal affair and couples nowadays have options to style and customise their wedding as much as they like. Times of the traditional wedding are practically over and the sky is the limit. Budgets vary greatly but even with small money one can create a uniquely personal wedding celebration.
Top reasons to get married in Cork

What you can do for your wedding

More and more couples think outside the box when it comes to their special day. The questions are: “What is important? What can be left out?” and even “Can we DIY something?” Above all when planning a wedding stay calm and do everything step by step.
Plan your wedding venue and make sure you enquire early so that it is available on your planned date. Everything is about management well in advance of the date. Planning can take anywhere between 1-3 years for some couples. No matter what happens Don’t Panic!

Why Cork?

Huffington post rates Cork as the top underrated cities in Eruope (out of 23!). That really says a lot. The warm welcomes you get in the south of Ireland and laid-back athmosphere are the ideal location for a perfect wedding. Food, music, art & style are at their peak in the south capital of Ireland.
As a county, Cork has countless sceneries to offer, that make it uniquely picturesque! The sea is never far and countless beaches, hills, woods and parks make it a fantastic destination. Very near Cork city lies the beautiful village of Crosshaven. Another history rich and picturesque town on the atlantic ocean is Kinsale. About 25 minutes from Cork city the town of Kinsale offers an ideal destination for a day trip.
Besides its many natural wonders Cork offers some of the top hospitality. From some of the best wedding hotels to stylish country houses and exclusive mansions everyone will find their unique and memorable wedding destination. The list of opportunities are endless.
Once you have settled on the ideal venue for you rest assured that Cork offers excellent wedding suppliers. Some of the top in the country! From amazing cakes to the best wedding band and a great photographer to capture the day you will find everything you desire to make your day truly special and unique!

What else & travelling in Cork

Cork is not only a destination for many outside visitors but also for many Irish people. The Irish Times describes that expats frequently return home to Cork and that it “is the equal of anywhere (beautiful) we’ve seen”.
A trip to West Cork is highly recommended. If you have enough time you can find many little gems of hidden and untouched landscape and beaches scattered across the spectacular coastline.
Cork city has many attractions to offer. When you are there don’t forget to see the English Market and try some good local food from one of the many stalls. The Queen of England herself visited it a few years ago.
And before we forget to add this. Cork has the best Chipper in the world: KC’s. Located in Douglas it is not your traditional fast food! But make sure you come early as the cues can get very very long especially on the weekend. And when you are there why not drop into Barry’s Pub for a drink or food? Highly recommended!
Have we conviced you yet? If you are looking for a hotel near Cork city to stay then get in touch with us today!
Enjoy Cork!